Thursday, February 18, 2010

God bless

On Saturday i will post my favoutites from Mercedes Benz-fashion week (New York). Some are orgasmic... and of course some are not as good as expected.
'till then i will pray that Love magazine will make it's way into the stores here.

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  1. Fashion is a passion not a materialistic reaction. Fashion is something you want in possession, so do take action. Live out your dream, don’t follow the stream. Reach your goal, which lives in your soul. Live in the fiction, create your own addiction. So I tell you once again. Fashion is a passion, not a materialistic reaction. Fashion is the dream, of those who don’t follow the stream. So I take action and get the work of art in possession. This is my goal. It burns in my soul.
    This is it.

    Here I go.