Sunday, November 29, 2009


Kate Moss

Little Kate

Kate Moss

eeh fashion?

God, his pictures are breathtaking.

Victoria's Secret

One day i will be the one opening that show.

I miss Paris

Dree Hemingway

I don't really like Dree, because i think she has more of a celebrity look than a model look.
But these pictures are so funny and chic so i couldn't help but post them.

What time is it?

Anja Rubik

Summertime of course...

The many faces of Bass

Ed Westwick

Friday, November 27, 2009

Team Jacob!

I have always looked down at Twilight-fans, because i thought the idea of vampires fighting and humans transforming to wolfs was a pathetic idea. And again, i learned, to never  judge! I am simply obsessed. And especially with Jacob / Taylor Lautner. Now that's what i call orgasmic! And i will thank Lina's god, Mombasa, that Jacob was shirtless almost in the whole fuckin movie!
Twilight is amazing. And before we were gonna see it, i had been watching the trailer, and since i haven't seen the first movie (i'm gonna now!!!) i was making a bit fun of it... "haha, boys turning in to wolfs, pathetic!"
But when you see the movie, you get captured by the amazing actors and actresses, and how they make you belive in this fantasy-world is just incredible! And... today i bought the magazine!! and taylor sais that we would date a fan! he's talkin about me!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I just went down to the local-shop to buy TOPP, the "teeniest" magazine ever... taylor lautner was on the cover... I only wanted it because i saw new moon last night... of course.
i asked some friends if they wanted to come but they were busy doing nothing. it's funny cuz the ones that lives closest to you, they're the ones that never calls or ask to do hang out. i bet i see my cousin, who lives in Paris, more often than my "best" friends who lives who doors from my house. oh yeah... and the fun part of the story was, that when i had arrived at the shop and was going to pay for the magazine... i had no money on my card. AND it was fuckin raining.
yeah... "i'm better than you".

Work Work Fashion Baby

2. Erin Wasson
3. Models

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fuck 'em all!

haha, they will all get their revenge after all. And my energi is way too much worth to be waisted on suckers.
There's a reason their called suckers! cuz they SUCK!!
The title of the post shouldn't even be "fuck 'em all", because i want to focus on better things. and by caring enough to say "fuck 'em" i do care a bit...Whatever... i'm better anyway. now thats worth a BURN!

They're like me... Shiny and bitc... BETTER THAN YOU!

Live Fast Die Faster

Kasia Struss, Natasha Poly & Alexander Wang
Model running
Kate Lanphear

Boored But Better!


Pretty Mean Girl.

Freja Beha Erichsen
(Sonja Hanna)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chic and Cold? Or Warm and Slacky?

I had to ask myself this question for the first time in my life this morning. Did i want to be warm, and not feel good at all, or did i want to be cold and look good?
This is especially hard when i thought of that i could put lots of layers... and be WARM and CHIC. but no, because then you will wear lots of nice clothes, but also look fat. And if you feel fat already, no matter what you wear, this this is not gonna help... so.. i decided to go with.... HOT... in the cold way.

oooh, poor giirl! she most be freezing... like me!

Show me your face.

Anna Selezneva

The New Kate Moss

I know there will newer be "a new Kate", even when they said it about Deyn. But this one here, Egle Tvirbutaite, looks a looot like her.
These are some of her first polaroids so i guess they are really old.

Make Me

(anyone knows?)
WANG, Alexander Wang!

I'm not a bitch, i'm just better than you.

haha, the saying started when a friend of me said that she wanted to be a bitch, because she was tierd of stupid guys. and the title pretty much says it all...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Blood On My Hands

God that's a nasty video! love it. and when i'm gonna die (in about 130 years) my last wish will be to be killed by bert mccracken... the perfect killer. damn he's a nasty motherfucker!

Damn You Shane!

Kate Moennig
Girls wanna sleep with her, which is why guys wanna be her...


Ph: Steven Meisel
Ayness Deyn
Lara Stone
Gemma Ward
Coco Rocha
Sasha Pivovarova