Thursday, February 10, 2011

My life as a (sexy) bum

Finally I've found out what to do in life. And I am really happy with my decision. I feel like I've finally found something that I can truly enjoy and it's a lifestyle that fits me perfectly.
First am going to become a bum, but I'm gonna make my own money, and not be a paracite on society.
I am going to travel the world and help people. Paint and draw, sing, fuck, eat, love and have the time of my life.
After I'm done being a bum, I am going to become a super-famous-superstar-actress/super-famous-superstar-painter/drawer and have loads of money.
I don't really care about money, as long as I have all the shit that I need.
I am going to give all my friends, family and poor people loads of stuff. But even though I'm a super-famous-superstar-actress/super-famous-superstar-painter/drawer, I'm still gonna dress like a bum.