Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm the best one !

The queen of diamonds, glamour and a rolemodel for all future superwomen.

We're all superwomen inside, so turn your inside out, biitches!

There's nothing like a pair of killer heels to make you feel more powerful.

Lady G's my biggest role model. Dare to be yourself.

my new role model...

The amazing Crystal Renn. I'm think i've learned once and for all that beauty doesn't come in only one size.

I'm sick of being told to sit down, shut up and blend in. I'm gonna be me, doing what i wanna do, and be who i wanna be.
I am a superwoman. 
And i know that deep inside we all are. So turn your inside out, ladies.
We are all fuckin superwomen, and we all deserve to stand out in our own special way.
So join me. Stand up straight, stick your chest out, and lift your head up toards the sky, and let's show 'em once and for all, 
that we're gonna shine whether they want us to or not.


  1. That's awesome hun, take on the world!
    Who is in that picture above where it says "my new rolemodel"? Or are you talking about Crystal Renn?

  2. I love your blog! Fa real. It's really, really, well done.

  3. Love this post! There all very strong women, and of course Gaga is amazing! Just did a post on her, have a look!


  4. the girl with the gun is my new role model..

  5. Such beautiful & inspiring women!

    Just stumbled by your page
    & I love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure. <3

  6. strong independent women.
    we like.
    i also the way you have curated them with the text.

  7. Agree with you! We are all independent women! and + we ROCK ehhe <3 Gorgeous selection of pictures :D xxxxxxxx

  8. i am addicted to your blog :)) you manage to find the most amazing pictures :)) love the superwomen one especially... now a follower :))
    x x x x
    please follow :)))

  9. cool nice post looks a superwomen post

    have a great weekend

  10. Great post...These women look so powerful! Just love those "killer" heels!


  11. Love Crystal!!

    follow! <3

  12. Love Maria!!

    den beste av chicksa i denne posten, er hun som ikke er på et eneste et av bildene.

  13. these are some awesome photos you chose, great inspiration in them!

  14. good post!!!!!!!!!!