Friday, November 27, 2009

Team Jacob!

I have always looked down at Twilight-fans, because i thought the idea of vampires fighting and humans transforming to wolfs was a pathetic idea. And again, i learned, to never  judge! I am simply obsessed. And especially with Jacob / Taylor Lautner. Now that's what i call orgasmic! And i will thank Lina's god, Mombasa, that Jacob was shirtless almost in the whole fuckin movie!
Twilight is amazing. And before we were gonna see it, i had been watching the trailer, and since i haven't seen the first movie (i'm gonna now!!!) i was making a bit fun of it... "haha, boys turning in to wolfs, pathetic!"
But when you see the movie, you get captured by the amazing actors and actresses, and how they make you belive in this fantasy-world is just incredible! And... today i bought the magazine!! and taylor sais that we would date a fan! he's talkin about me!!