Thursday, November 19, 2009


he is going to be caring to me as well as other people
he is going to be funny and laugh at my jokes
he has to be open, and see the best in all people he meet
he is going to be spontanious and come by my house when i least expect it
he has to dress and look well, and not know it
he's going to have the biggest, whitest smile in the history, and use it a lot
he will have to do well in school, right over average
he is going to be super beautiful and gorgeous, and girls are going to be looking at him when he's walking by, but of course he will be to much in love with me to even bother
he is going to have big ambitions, dreams and goals, and know that he's going to reach them
he is going to dress in grey jeans and simple t's, and wear a coat when it's raining
he's going to be muscular, as well as thin so that his clothes hang on him
he is going to listen to the same music as me, old punk rock and cool rap-songs

i have no spesific hair-skin and eye color requirements.

i have managed to find this boy... now i'm just working my guts up to go and talk to him.

SORRY! i have not found him after all! he turns out to be a real asshole!!!

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