Monday, September 28, 2009

Fuck / Kill the System !

I have just finished two double classes in history and in math ! and i still have two more double classes left today ! law and then gym ! I can jogg at home for christ sake ! I would love to go home, but more i would love to go to NY ! "What's stopping me?", you might think. The reason i'm staing for four more hours, is that my teacher (whom btw looks like a 150 years old turtle with bangs) has told me to take school more seriously, and be in the classes where i'm supposed to be. but i know what i want to do ! and that's the only way i see it. I see it like doing what i want to do is the only option ! That's the only way i can go, cuz that's the only way i want to go ! i feel like i'm so fuckin close, and i just want to start it. so soon, let me go !

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