Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The law of attraction

Yes, i know what you're thinking: "weird hour for me to blog", and yes it is. My class starts in 30 minutes from now and my bus has left 15 minutes ago... And my explanation is that my first class on Tuesdays is a double class of french. For the first is my book missing. Second is my teacher a nazi. She's like Hitler, only she's a teacher. And i honestly think that the reason that i'm not motivated for school at all is that there is so many other things i wanna do. And it feels like i'm so ready, only one thing is missing but that is essencial for what i wanna do. I can do it and i will. I just have to be strong in those weak moments and remember to take one day at the time and remember the my goal, and how wonderfull the price will be when i get there. So everytime i walk by a mirror or so i will tell myself whatever i want to be true. And i will attract it. Trust me, it has worked before. When i was everything i didn't wan to be. In four months i grew from 168 to 173 cm. But could it be a coincidence? i really doubt it. It was almost all i focused about for those months. And i was amazed by the results. It was also an amazing time. Thank you, Oprah and Rhonda Byrne.

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