Monday, September 21, 2009

Make me beautiful

Thank you, spenol <3

For two days now i've tried a new beauty routine. i have always used spenol (9 nok, the same as 1.50 dollars), but now i have tried to use pyrisept after removing my make-up at night. This is what i do:
1. Every morning i wash my skin with water, then put on spenol or a-cream (any cream without alcohol or parfume can replace the a-cream). and i change from day to day which one i use so that my skin doesn't get imune.
then i put on whatever makeup i want.
2. At night i wash my skin with a wet cloth, and then after i clean the rest of the make-up off with a cotton pad. all old ladys who use it has babyskin !! really !

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