Thursday, September 24, 2009

Once upon a time...


Okay haha ! I have a great day today, really ! I finished my french-test, and i did pretty good, except from that i had no book... I took the test, and it was splitted into two parts. The first was without books, and i guessed right (i hope) on most of it. And the other part where we had to write something about ww2 i wrote : La Norvège été occup... something and i delivered, and then i escaped the dragon !! And i think i'm the first who have ever escaped a "castle" without my prince... ;)
Ooh, i want a prince.
Anyways, now my plan is to man myself up to going to kickboxing tonight and maybe do some homework (not gonna happen in a million years) and then play... FARMVILLE on facebook all night :D And btw, my weekend starts today ! :D

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