Saturday, September 26, 2009

See all those people on the ground

Hola everyone (Lina). I been chilling today (as i always do) and i've beein drinking (cocoa) and driving (with my dad), and finally today i found them. The sneakers i've been looking for. They are all black, watherresistant, they breath and they look perfect. I just have to change them to a size 39 (us size 8) and then i can wear them.
Tomorrow my plan is to go to a café with a friend or some friends, and shop and hang around in town. I love buying fashion magazines and sit in a café just looking out on the world. And i love watching all these beautiful, different people going everywhere, doing everything.
Passing while they don't know that a little girl is enjoying her cup of coffee while looking at them.


  1. i love doing that aswell! and thankyou, for mentioning me! haha. men seriøst. Jeg liker at du blogger Mariamariiiaaaaaas! MariaTHSKJRKJYY <3(eller hva det var)