Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beautiful nightmare

Yesterday i knew i had to wake up by myself, because my dad's in a meating somewhere. so i went to bed at about 23:30 (i know...) and i layed 30 minutes in my bed until i was to bored to take it anymore. i tried to sleep for about an hour and then, when i was about to fall a sleep i saw these beautiful dresses and coats in my dreams walking down the runway. i memorized the first one and then ran to find my notebook and a pencil. and at one o'clock in the morning i sat in my bed drawing dresses. and when i was done, i put the book away and tried to sleep. until i saw a prettyer dress coming down the runway, i reached for my notebook and pencil and began drawing again. i continued this until i had drawed 5 outfits. coats, dresses, jeans, t's. i'm going insane, and i want to sleep ! but i have to draw them so that i have them on paper.
anyway, i have found my drawing inspiration again :D !
PS: i will probable never publish my drawings on any blog... but you will definitely see them one day...

(this is obviously not mine.)


  1. Hallo! You tease!
    Hahaha! (i sound like a horny little school boy)

    Men jeg vil se de!

  2. men jeg vil skjule de... så da er vi uenige...

  3. kanskje en dag, gitte. en dag, den dagen fuglene står på hodet og skiter grønne erter i 60 graders vinkel og det er 45* C i bergen... (never gonna happen) altså den dagen du ringer meg. da kan vi høres...