Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I don't really know why i'm writeing because i have nothing to say... or i have a lot to say, because i don't know what i feel. i have to feel good. no. i want to feel good. i do feel good. i'm sick today... home from school. so i took the bus to school and right before i went into class i felt like trowing up so i asked my dad to pick me up and he did. i should therefor write to my teacher and tell her why i wasn't there today.
i aslo brought some homework that i would like to do. but all i really want to do is to go to paris.
i'm watching tv almost everyday... all day because there is nothing else to do. come on ! i live in fuckin bergen !!
don't get me wrong, i am so grateful for that i'm born in norway, but it is so really truly freaking fucking boring here! on a typical day in (fucking) bergen i go to school, i come home do some homework, watch tv, go on my computer and then go to bed. omg, it's true. and i think i just realised that i want to do something about that. i just have to stay have for another year to finish school (fuck), and then i'll leave. for ever !!!!
i have written a lot haven't i..? read it or not, this is my blog so i'll do whatever the fuck i want (just like bam) ! !
(and yes, fuck is my favourite curse word -
see u soon n xx


  1. i want you to come to paris... arrggg i miss u soo bad , it hurts!! really!!
    i un derstand you when you tell how boring it is, but trust, its the same everywhere : school, homework, tv, computer, sleep or not, and then get up for school again!! but soon you're free and you can do whatever you want <3 love u & miss u <3