Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PARIS for fucks sake !

Hello ! I have been to Oslo this last few days so thats why i'm writing first now.
And I bought a simple wool/silk jumper in black that i love, and speaking of love i bought my first LOVE magazine. and of course... i love it ! it feels like i bought a lot more, because my suitacase was full when i returned... probable because i borrowed some bedsheets form the hotel...
Other than that i have only been missing paris and my bestfriend :) but soon i'll be there.
i'm leaving in just a couple of weeks and i just found out that while i'm there it's
halloween :D  and i we'll have so much fun :D
miss u nasty see u soon <3

(message to myself: stop eating candies, you get sick maria !!!!!!)

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