Thursday, October 15, 2009

Taking the bull by the horns

Oh my freaking god ! i'm sitting in my french- class for the first time in about... two weeks... and i might as well kill myself. but i guess i just have to run over to her the second she walks in the door and take the bull (literally) by the horns ! or as i like saying "take gunvord by the horns". the reason i'm still alive is that i know that when this schoolday is over, a will be so relieved. i have been scared for this moment in many days now, because i knew i had to go the my class one time. the only thing i have to remember is that i am strong and better than her (yeas, i need to man my self up a bit)! I am younger, i have a whole life infront of me, and that i'm stronger and better ! here she is... wish me luck !