Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Release myself.

Another day, another hour, and another minute. Of bullshit. Of doing the same every day. And people wonder why children don't like school. Isn't it obvious?! French, math, english and history. Every day, every hour and every minute of the same boredom. There is so much more in this world. There is love, and adventures, and traveling, helping people. Seing new things everyday. I know that education is important and it makes the world create the future. But just because you don't finish high school doesn't mean you can't create the future as well. I will help create the future in my own way. And in a world where it's all about work, is there time for anything else? Where did we go wrong?
What about the children that know what they want to do. They are so shore. And they have dreamed and imagined so much, that the future they see just has to come, because it's the only possible way. What about those that hate school, so much because they know what a greater potential they have. What about us?
I will help create the world by making beautiful peices of art. Personality on the outside of the body. Rase money to people with less then me. And if this is what's going to make me smile then i have to go for it. Because i know i like it. And when you almost start crying because you think you have found the meaning of life you know it's right.

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