Friday, October 2, 2009

Bla bla bla

Entertain me !
I need something to do. And it has passed the point where i want something to do, now i need it, if not i am afraid i will pass away.
And i have called my friends, who are planing to do the same as ALWAYS! get drunk and go to a lame party... AS FUCKIN ALWAYS! comon ! there is a million things to do today! like:
walk somewhere
go to town to dine and read fashion magazines
drink coffee
uuumm... play boardgames :D OMG i want to !
watch a good movie!

If any of you read this, then save me from "den evige fortapelsen".


  1. Ey! We did not do that! Vi hang jo hos Jard. Vi så "fast and the furios TOKIO DRIFT" hahahahahhaha. Og så fikk han sin forsinkede bursdagsgave...:)

  2. Haha, uuuu, så han fikk den endelig? Jammen of fæste, hvem vil vel ikke det?!